Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Transitive Verbs

Definition :

Transitive verbs take direct objects. The vast majority of verbs in English are transitive. 

Kata kerja Transitive diantaranya adalah: Drink, watch, read, fill, open, close, dll

  • He watches the film. (Kalimat ini tidak akan lengkap, jika "the film" kita hilangkan. Orang lain akan bertanya-tanya - menonton apa?, maka watch (menonton) membutuhkan object agar makna kalimat tersebut dapat dipahami).
  • The man cuts the tree.
  • He drops his bottles. 
  • The contestants still misunderstood then.
  • They grow the rubber trees. 
  • I took my books to class.
  • We played chess last night.
  • I paid the bill last week.
  • She studies Russian. 

=> Notice that transitive verbs always take objects. You will always be able to ask a question beginning with 'What' or 'Whom'.

I paid the bill last week. - What did you pay?
She studies Russian. - What does she study?

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