Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Intransitive Verbs

Definition :

Intransitive verbs are verbs that do not take an object or subject attribute in the sentence. Also note that the verb be, when followed by an adverbial expressing place or time, is used as an intransitive verb.

It involves verbs such as: appear, arrive, begin, break, come, cough, decrease, die, disappear, drown, fall, go, happen, increase, laugh, lie (tell an untruth), matter, rain, rise, sneeze, snow, stop, swim, wait, work.
  • He is running.
  • He is reading.
  • He is turning around.
  • He is in London at the moment.
  • The baby cries.
  • My mother is sleeping.
  • The water boils.
  • The rain drops from the sky.
  • Rice grows in the fertile soil.. 
  • Peter's situation improved.
  • They slept peacefully.
You can recognize that a verb is intransitive because it does not have a passive form.

Ada beberapa verb intransitive yang memakai Objective Noun yang mempunyai satu kesatuan makna dengan kata kerjanya. Objeknya disebut Cognate Object.

  • He played the fool.                  (Dia bermain gila-gilaan).
  • He laughs a hard laugh.            (Dia tertawa lebar).
  • He slept a sound sleep.            (Dia tidur nyenyak).
  • He died a miserable death.        (Dia mati melarat).

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